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Mobile Sterilisation & Vaccination Clinics

Sterilisation is the most effective and humane way of managing and reducing the number of stray animals in need.

It is our primary goal to conduct sterilisation programmes that will prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens and gain control of the stray population. We believe sterilisation is the only viable and humane way of managing and reducing the number of stray animals in need.

In order to successfully reduce and control the stray animal population here in Krabi and the surrounding areas, K.A.W. will conduct a number of strategic mobile sterilisation and vaccination clinics. Animals will be spayed / neutered, vaccinated against rabies and provided with all other necessary medication and treatment to ensure a swift and healthy recovery.

Organised and extensive sterilisation will prevent the birth of thousands of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, but did you know that there many other significant benefits to be gained from the procedure.

Sterilisation also:

  • Improves an animal’s overall quality of live. By reducing the number of unwanted litters, there will be fewer animals competing for shelter and consistent food sources.
  • Improves an animal’s health, by eliminating the risk of ovarian cancer and numerous forms of life threatening sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Improves the behaviour of nuisance animals by eliminating the desire to mate, resulting in less aggression and fighting between packs.
  • Reduces the risk of spreading pests and diseases, resulting in a cleaner, happier and healthier environment for all.