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Homecare Sponsorship & Adoption

We support compassionate people in the area who are rehabilitating and caring for stray and abused animals and providing them with a loving home.

We at K.A.W. have found that there are some kind souls out there who are keen to provide support and care in any way they can. This often results in people taking stray animals in to their own homes in order to prevent any further suffering. Unfortunately, these people do not always have the necessary funds available to consistently provide food and medicine for the animals they take in and the arrangement can often only be on temporary basis.

K.A.W supports these compassionate people by providing the funds they need to buy essential supplies so they can continue to help animals in need. We will never return an animal to the streets if their health and wellbeing is at risk. It is our goal to find sick and maltreated animals their much deserved forever home!

This is Christina; she takes care of animals in need at her own home. Two recent successes include ‘Cutey’ and ‘Bear cub’ who were found living rough with their mother in a supermarket car park. Christina took them in, got them sterilised, treating their skin and then found them a loving home in Phuket, Thailand. A great success story and we want to support more amazing people like her!